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A beautiful bunch of liliums from my children became my first attempt at an art quilt. I began by manipulating a photograph of them in Photoshop. This piece was entered as a First Time Entrant in the Queensland Quilt Show in 2009 and won 1st Prize.


72 x 54cm - 2009
Hand dyed and commercial cottons and silks. Raw edge appliqué. Satin stitch and thread painting in assorted cotton and rayon threads. Wool/Poly batting.

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My son came back from the USA with some stunning photographs of his visit to Chesapeake Bay. The colours were so vibrant and the silhouettes so striking I just had to use one of his photographs for my next art quilt. This quilt took 2nd Prize in the Queensland Quilt Show in 2010.


115 x 104cm - 2010
Hand dyed background in cotton and silk. Extensive thread painting and free motion stitching. Cotton threads. Wool/Poly batting.

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Chesapeake Bay

I was looking for an idea where I could use different textiles and techniques for a Mixed Media entry in the Queensland Quilt Show. I came upon a photograph of the Cobra Lily, which had an interesting shape. After lots of manipulation I had an abstract form I was pleased with. This art quilt came 2nd in the Mixed Media section.


60 x 90cm - 2010
Constructed from assorted hand painted and commercial cottons and silk. Turned edge machine appliquéd. Free motion stitched shot silk background. Cotton and rayon threads. Wool/Poly batting.

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Cobra Lily

On one of our many trips to visit close friends in Tasmania, I caught them unaware in a photograph. I liked the shot because it was so natural. After manipulation in Photoshop I was able to construct an art quilt that has become one of my favourites. This quilt won 1st Prize at the Queensland Quilt Show and was also voted Best Wall Quilt. It was also shown at the APQ/AQC Australian Quilt Show in Melbourne 2012.


120 x 140cm - 2011
Assorted hand painted and commercial cottons. Raw edge appliqué. Thread painting. Free motion quilting. Cotton threads. 100% wool batting.

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John and Sue

The theme for the APQ/AQC Challenge 2012 was 'What The World Needs Now'. Whilst trying to come up with a theme I thought about all the usual clichés, love, food, peace, clean environment etc. I wanted something that was powerful and obvious. I found this image of an African Orphan in a magazine and knew I had my subject, her eyes captivated me. Of course she needs all the things that help her thrive, but a family and a sense of belonging would have to be high on her list of wishes. This quilt was a finalist at the 2012 APQ/AQC Challenge in Melbourne.


100 x 120cm - 2012
Hand dyed and commercial cotton fabrics. Raw edge appliqué. Thread painting and free motion quilting. 100% wool batting.

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Too Easily Forgotten

A photograph of this lovely young lady was used in my first attempt at creating a quilt portrait. As I was so happy with this I went on to create other art quilts depicting people. I manipulated the photograph in Photoshop again, changing it to black and white first and then down to 5 shades of grey.


20 x 29cm - 2010
Hand dyed and commercial cottons. Fusible webbing. Machine quilted. Felt backing.

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Children are naturally curious creatures and observing them can be curious too. I loved the typical stance of this 4 year old and wondered what had grabbed her attention. Construction was made from an original photograph manipulated in Photoshop. This art quilt received an Award of Excellence for Best Use of Colour and the Viewer's Choice Award at the Queensland Quilt Show 2012. Exhibited AQC Melbourne 2013.

182 x 114cm - 2012
Created from hand dyed and commercial fabrics, both cotton and silk. Turned edge machine appliquéd. Threadpainted and free motion machine quilted.

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Curious Cate 2012

Runner-up at the APQ/APC Challenge 2013.

The theme was 'Free'. In 2008, 10 year old Yemini, Nujood Ali, became the youngest divorcee in the world. Secretly making her way to the local Courthouse one day she pleaded with a judge for a divorce from her abusive 35 year old husband. All Nujood wanted was to be free to play with other children again, and go back to school. Her bemused little sister looks on, unaware that Nujood has paved the way for her own future freedom. (Photograph courtesy Stephanie Sinclair -

125 x 125cm - 2013
Assorted hand painted and commercial cottons and silks. Raw edge applique. Thread painting, free motion quilting. Cotton threads. 100% wool batting.

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I am Nujood and I am Free

Winner of 2015 'World of Beauty' award at the International Quilt Show, Houston Texas USA

Awarded Viewers Choice & Judges Commendation at the Queensland Quilt Show 2013

3rd place NSW Quilt Show 2014

2011, Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan. Photographer Ellen Jaskol recorded this image of 2 young girls eager to learn in one of the Taliban targeted new girls schools.

87 x 135cm 2013
Materials used were cotton batiks. Raw edge appliqué. 2 layers of black cotton batting created a false trapunto with the girls. Free motion McTavishing fills the entire background.

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Eager to Learn - Afghanistan

Weaving is acknowledged as one of the oldest surviving crafts in the world. The tradition of weaving traces back to Neolithic times – approximately 12,000 years ago.

Even before the actual process of weaving was discovered, the basic principle of weaving was applied to interlace branches and twigs to create baskets, fences and shelter for protection. Combining this ancient tradition with a modern Op Art (optical art) graphic and hand dyed fabric resulted in an image of vibrancy and movement, similar to celestial events.

90 x 90 - 2016
Hand dyed cotton woven with black. Tulle covered. Stitch in the ditch and topstitching.

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Finalist AQC Challenge 2017

The green tree frog (Litoria Caerulea) and rose apple (Syzygium Aqueum, a member of the Lilly Pilly family), can be found up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia. From suburban backyards to the lush tropics of northern Queensland, we take these beauties for granted.

The green tree frog was the first frog scientifically documented in Australia by Sir Joseph Banks. The rose apple has been a source of bush tucker for centuries.

Lets hope these wonderful Australian species are still around for all to enjoy in years to come.

90 x 90 - 2017
Cotton batiks. Raw edge applique. Black wool/cotton batting. Free motion quilting and thread painting.

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Hanging Around